Space and Colonial League

Hubble photo of galaxies

Photo: ​NASA​​, ​ESA​​, and S. Beckwith (​STScI​​) and the HUDF Team

Space and Colonial League (Polish: Liga Kosmiczna i Kolonialna) is a fictional organisation modelled after Liga Morska i Kolonialna [Maritime and Colonial League], created in Poland in 1930 and devoted to the development of Polish fleet and creation of Polish overseas colonies. Space and Colonial League focuses on promoting the ideas of space exploration and colonisation and encouraging the creation and development of Polish Space Program.

Part of the project is making a fake magazine Kosmos [Space] and creating a map of Polish Space Sector, an area of space to which Poland could have claims on the basis of Polish astronomical discoveries.

Liga Morska i Kolonialna

Liga Morska i Kolonialna [Maritime and Colonial League]