The Art of Error: Glitch Art workshop

An example of using datamoshing technique for video prepared by Ratajski for the workshop participants.
Simple glitch effect created by the workshop participants.

Workshop conducted by Maciej Ratajski for Festiwal Myśli Abstrakcyjnej in Warsaw.

The error in the visual arts can mean both opening the field of art to chance and failure and consciously choosing the aesthetics of glitch, ugliness, low quality (lo-fi), and amateur form.

Sometimes these are attempts to democratize the medium, but also strategies of resistance to the hyperaesthetization and obsession with productivity forced by capitalism. It can also be an opposition to treating art as craftsmanship and to art focused on effectiveness: utilitarian or socially engaged art.

However, glitch art too often focuses on the fascination with the medium and turns into a showcase of technical skills. We will try to explore its potential and consider the problems it generates.