Shadow of a Black Stone on a White Surface

Shadow of a Black Stone on a White Surface (2018)
Medium: Photographic print on archival paper
Dimensions: 68 × 68 cm.

Print uses a bitmap texture created by 3d-scanning a piece of black obsidian rock lying on a white background. The scanning glitch led to the creation of a 3d model that treated the stone's shadow as a three-dimensional object and the stone itself as a dark hole inside of it.

It is a reference to an iconic 1915 painting by Kazimir Malevich, Black Square (also known in Polish as Black Square on White Background) that became known as an archetypical form of a painting — ‘zero point of painting’. According to Malevich, Black Square is meant to evoke ‘the experience of pure non-objectivity in the white emptiness of a liberated nothing’.