Music video for M A G M A 2

M A G M A 2 (2019)
Medium: Video (HD, color, sound)
Duration: 13:26 min.

Music video for an atonal composition M A G M A 2 by Mateusz Śmigasiewicz (2017), performed on accordion by Ryszard Lubieniecki.

The video is based on low-quality found footage and derives its aesthetics from glitch and net art. It experiments with datamoshing techniques and artificially slowing down video footage while emphasising both compression artefacts and interpolation and estimation errors made by smart Optical Flow algorithms.

The slow pacing of the video that builds up to the apocalyptic finale and the artificial glitchy way of investigating what happens between video frames complements Mateusz Śmigasiewicz's composition that explores the hidden space between notes in both tone and time and brings it to the surface in a slow and unpredictable movement evoking the movement of hot liquid rock erupting onto Earth's surface.