Wola MAMSAM mug.
Żoliborz MAMSAM mug.
Mokotów MAMSAM mug.
WARSAW MAMSAM mug (2012).
Złoto [Gold] MAMSAM mug.
Warsaw MAMSAM mug.
Warsaw MAMSAM mug.
War Saw / Saw War MAMSAM mug.
London MAMSAM mug.
Pic MAMSAM mug.
To [This] MAMSAM mug.
Nic [Nothing] MAMSAM mug.
Zagadka [Riddle] MAMSAM mug.

MAMSAM mugs are a collection of outstanding works by Polish artists and graphic designers, curated by a visual artist Mikołaj Długosz. The mugs were mass-produced during the time of the Polish People's Republic and are associated with the aesthetics of the communist-era Poland. Their practical and stackable design derives from the German hotel design of the 1960s. The logos on the mugs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve as a medium to comment on current events and modern cultural references while aesthetically referring to the graphic design of Poland in the 1970s.