T-shirt Prints

Melencolia T-shirt by WARSAW clothing, T-shirt print design: Maciej Ratajski, T-shirt: Zofia Chylak, Photo: Kamil Bogdański, Model: Mat / A S Management, Style: Tobiasz Schmidt, Make-up: Joanna Rembacz (2012).
Memento Mori T-shirt print referring to the 1533 The Ambassadors painting by Hans Holbein the Younger.
Melencolia T-shirt print referring to the 1514 Melencolia I engraving by Albrecht Dürer.
Et In Arcadia Ego T-shirt print referring to the 1638–1640 Et In Arcadia Ego painting by Nicolas Poussin.
WARSAW T-shirt print paying homage to the art-deco-inspired typography of the Star Wars movies.
WARSAW T-shirt print.
All's Fair in Love and Warsaw T-shirt print.
I Like Doing Things Wrong T-shirt print.
Is Bad Art Art? T-shirt print.
Yet Another Artist T-shirt print.
Postpostmodernism T-shirt print.
YOU T-shirt print.
Do Not Read This T-shirt print.
Everything Exists T-shirt print.

Series of prints by Maciej Ratajski made on T-shirts designed in collaboration with a now-famous Polish fashion designer, Zofia Chylak for the WARSAW clothing brand. Featured in many lifestyle and fashion magazines and on fashion blogs.