Do Artists Dream of Space Travel?

Do Artists Dream of Space Travel? (2017)
Medium: Video (HD, color, sound)
Duration: 1:14 min.
Do Artists Dream of Space Travel? (2017) displayed on a phone screen.
The Space Program event at Stroboskop Art Space.

The site-specific video had its premiere at The Space Program exhibition. It was filmed prior to the event in the empty Stroboskop Art Space gallery, a repurposed garage, where Agnieszka Szostakiewicz took a nap on the floor still scented with fresh car fumes. While asleep she was filmed and 3D scanned by Maciej Ratajski. Video footage and 3D animations were edited by Ratajski into a scene deriving its aesthetic from 2001: A Space Odyssey movie by Stanley Kubrick with Blue Danube waltz by Johann Strauss II playing in the background.

The final video was shown to the guests of The Space Program event by the artists personally on phones with connected headphones. Artists shared the story of the original performance, the experience of sleeping inside the gallery space and their inspirations. Showing the work inspired conversations on topics ranging from utopian visions of the future, global warming, science-fiction movies, the condition of the art world, socially engaged art, using one's own body for work, dreams and psychedelic trips, to pillow design to name just a few.